Our Curriculum

A Private School for Little Locals

Les Petits is comprised of one blended Pre-K 4 & Kindergarten class (maximum of 12 littles) because small is where it’s at. We focus on early reading and math skills.

We strongly believe that small people need small groups to ensure that every voice is heard, every need is met, and every little is challenged. The results are big imaginations and even bigger minds. 


Our littles find the world is theirs for the taking through literacy. Incorporating the letters of the alphabet, phonetic sounds and blends, small focused reading groups, individual one-on-one reading lessons, focused writing and fun competitive writing activities, and story books for every occasion into a thematic curriculum, we foster a lifelong love of reading and a healthy connection between the writtten word and a boundless imagination. As an exciting weekly bonus, littles have the opportunity to become book illustrators as they free draw their interpretation of a favorite book read aloud. Literacy encompasses a blend of reading, writing, and conveying information. So our goal is to intertwine all three of these to nurture each little’s mastery. 


Every child counts…literally. Number sense and mathematical concepts are learned in group study and reinforced with strategic mathematical center play in our marketplace, where littles will shop on a budget and learn the practical value of money and math ~ all through structured play. Group study includes number recognition, counting, sorting, and simple addition and subtraction through fun, engaging story-telling and imagery.

Sign Language

Get ready to learn something new with your little. Sign language is a hands-on way to expand on literacy, improve fine motor skills, introduce diverse ways of communicating, and build self-confidence in young learners. In addition to the alphabet, we will also learn signs and songs that relate to our daily school activities.

Culture/World Travel

Learning about our diverse world, its many beautiful people, and its cultures is not only fun for littles…it also promotes growth, open minds, and open hearts. Littles will gain a sense of who they are and where they are from, a budding love and passion for our planet, and an appreciation for all of humanity – both near and far. With our very own passports, we take classroom opportunities to explore the globe with our imaginations, celebrate cultural differences, learn some geography and geographical landmarks, get our passports “stamped” with each new destination, and become future world travelers.


Ready. Set. Experiment! Weekly class experiments keep littles curious about the world around them. We put on our scientist hats and work together to answer those “How does it work?” questions. How does a rain cloud produce rain? What makes a volcano errupt? What is elephant toothpaste? It’s messy. It’s gooey. It’s fun. It’s science.


True to 30A style, artistic expression is a must for our little locals. Art projects (both teacher led and student led) are integrated into weekly lessons in an effort to make art a therapeutic and creative outlet for years to come. Art is also proven to improve children’s academic achievement, especially in the areas of math and science. So art is smart. “Every child is an artist.” ~Pablo Picasso


Experts stress the importance of play in preschool and kindergarten. In recent years, kindergarten play learning has been replaced by extended time blocks of seat/paper work. Studies show that this trend has little academic benefit and brings undue frustration onto our littles because they are not yet emotionally or developmentally ready for extensive seat work. Instead experts are finding that K and Pre-K children blossom and thrive academically and emotionally in a more interactive, hands-on, play-infused environment and will go on to develop improved self confidence, communication and social skills, cognitive development, and problem-solving skills. Whether it’s silly play, role play, or imaginative play, play is one of a little’s most valuable assets when it comes to learning and is an essential part of our curriculum at Les Petits Prep.